Sunday, January 4, 2015

Simple. Life.


As I sit at my house alone right now (only because Adam is gone to play basketball), I can’t help but think of how simple life seems to be. For the majority of the time, the house work is kept up, laundry done, dishes clean, and my love for throw pillows are in order. Life gets busy-yes, but it is simple. Maybe it's the slowness that comes after a busy holiday season but I seem to feel that it is right where God would have us to a life of simplicity. The Maggie that I know would be so discontent about the simplicity. She always wants the next thing, doing the next step, rushing through the now moment. But I’m not. Right now, at this moment, life is simple and I am totally ok with that. God is teaching me a lot and just what I need at this moment in life.

I wanted to record this little thought that has been brewing in my brain. In years to come, as I look back on my writing, hopefully with kiddos running around, I can smile knowing that for a period life wasn’t too busy and the house was clean!

Adam and I enjoyed a date night on Friday! A little gift card shopping and dinner at one of our favorite spots in Daphne! 

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