Monday, May 18, 2015

We Are Moving


If you didn't already know, Adam and I will be moving to Louisville, Kentucky.  Adam will be attending the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. We are so, so thrilled about this new opportunity! In just 6 weeks we will be making the move and we covet your prayers.

Throughout this whole process one of my biggest concerns has been finding a teaching position. The Lord has taught me so much. I can't even start to describe it. I recently finished BSF where we studied the life of Moses. Throughout the study, we see the Isrealites doubting God, right after He clearly showed them that He had a hand on them. Yall, this is me. God has and is continuing to show me that He is all over our move to Louisville. But, being the person I am, He provides and I still doubt...Just like the Israelites. Thank you Jesus for not giving up on me.

 It is in, what seems to me the oddest circumstances, that He lets me know He is in control. There isn't a week or even a day that someone doesn't come to me and say, "Oh I have a friend in Louisville" or "I have a friend who teaches there", or even, "I'm from Louisville". God has used the people around me to show me that even when I doubt and have little faith, He is still in control. I am currently still looking for a teaching position, but I know, that in His time, He will put me exactly where I need to be. Doors are being opened. I am so thankful to be surrounded by people that are doing everything they can to help me find a job. The power of social media can be a great thing! Thank you to those sweet friends, who have reached out to other friends, to help this girl find a job. I appreciate you so much!

As we leave, the city that we love, we are sad to be saying goodbye to our families and friends. Mobile, Alabama has been so good to us. Our families, Dauphin Way Baptist Church, and our dear friends, WE LOVE YOU. Thank you for pouring into our lives and marriage. Adam and I cherish each and every one of you. Thank you for loving us so much.