Thursday, January 30, 2014

Ice Day!

Living in Mobile, the only time you get weather days is to prepare for a hurricane. Not this time! We heard, Monday afternoon, that we would be out Tuesday and Wednesday due to cold weather and the snow, that we were expected to get. My mind first went to my school kiddos. We really couldn't afford being out two days, we have sooo much to learn, and then I really did not want to add these two days on to the end of school (June 3rd is late enough to get out for summer). Then, the Governor declared state of emergency and that let me know we would not have to make up the days, which ended up to be three. Adam was off work and school, too! 
I wanted to share some pictures of our Ice Days!

 We are praying for those families in Birmingham and Atlanta,
who experienced tragedy during this time. 
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Week 4/5

(I started posting a weekly picture at the beginning of January. I may be ahead a week, looking at the calendar I think I am.)
Week 4
I started attending Bible Study Fellowship at St. Pauls on Monday nights! So far, I am loving it!
We also spent Saturday in my favorite little town, Fairhope, Alabama. 

I also got a call from these two friends telling me that were ENGAGED (not to each other!)! I am sooo excited to be a part of both of their weddings! Love you both!

Week 5

We got word on Monday that we were going to be out of school/work the next two (it turned out to be three) days due to ice and snow. Now I live in Mobile and we NEVER get snow so we were excited! We ended up getting the majority of ice and stayed inside for 3 straight days. We are both ready for warm weather and a normal schedule!

I braved the cold to snap a few pictures!

and everything is fixed with a good bowl of Taco Soup!

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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Great Thankfulness

Yesterday, as JAT and I were getting ready to head out for the day, I had a moment of great thankfulness. Lately, we have been doing things, just the two of us. We are normally surrounded by friends or family on the weekends but lately it has just been us.

Now let's be honest, JAT and I love spending time together but we also enjoy the company of others. Yesterday was another Saturday where it was just going to be him and I on a little outing, as it was Friday night as well. Does it sound like I am griping? Maybe I am. JAT, nor I, said the obvious, that we both were thinking, .."we wish it weren't just the two of us".  (We want so badly to be able to do things with other couples, our age, or in the same stage of life but due to the craziness of that life it never seems to happen.) In that moment of discontent, as I was getting ready for another day with my sweet husband, I had a moment of what I call GREAT THANKFULNESS. 

I know, if it be the Lord's will for our life, that it won't always be just the two of us and those days will soon be quickly filled with sweet children. And with children comes parties, play dates, school events, church events and the list could go on forever. So today, as I was just getting ready for what seemed like JUST another day I stopped and thanked my God for this exact moment in our life. The days where it is just the two of us. I thanked Him for giving me a husband who loves Christ more than he loves me, and a husband who will do just about anything to put a smile on my face. I LOVE spending time with my husband and I am thankful for every moment we get to spend together. I wouldn't have it any other way. I will savor every moment of time with JAT. Instead of being aggravated or what JAT would call just plain ill (I will admit I get like that sometimes, ok maybe a lot) I am choosing great thankfulness.

PS: We had a fabulous weekend. Friday night we ate at one of our favorite spots downtown Mobile and then had our favorite coffee from Carpe.

Saturday we spent the day in one of my favorite little towns, Fairhope, Alabama. We grabbed lunch and more coffee while we were there. We also enjoyed going in all the unique shops the downtown area has to offer.

I pray your weekend was great.
Choose thankfulness. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Week 3

We spent week 3 of 2014 celebrating Adam's Birthday. We celebrated hard. Almost a solid week of eating out with family. 
We started by eating at one of our favorites, Moes BBQ. We joined Adam's parents and extended family for dinner and had a blast.
Adam's absolute favorite thing in this world is a doughnut. 
Give him one and he is happy for a week. 
It only seemed right for his birthday cake to be a doughnut cake. 

Adam and I did a little piddling around on Tuesday, his actual birthday. We had dinner then went to Academy to pick out his birthday present! When you birthday falls during the week that is about as much celebrating you get in one night..5:30 comes too early the next morning. 

On Thursday, my mom and Yvonne came down to spend the night and take us to dinner at Ed's Seafood Shed, another one of our favorites. We love when they get to come town! 

I could not have picked a better way to start 2014.
Happy Birthday, Adam Tait.
I love you.
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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Week 2

School is back in session! My 22 students were originally suppose to be back on Tuesday (Jan 7th), but due to cold weather and a 2hr start delay, I didn't see all of them until Thursday.
I really dreaded going back to school, and still not thrilled about the fact, but I will say, I love the routine. If you haven't already figured it out, the Tait family runs better on a routine.

After spending 1/2 the weekend at school, we did manage to fit in some fun! We went, with other people we go to church with, to a friends house to "shoot guns". Adam got a gun for Christmas so we thought it would be fun! It really was...just totally not something you would normally find us doing! We aren't the typical woods/gun type. I have told you before that I married a complete city boy! 

My picture(s) for the 2nd week in 2014..our gun shooting skills in action! You can laugh out loud. It really is hysterical!!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Week 1

Happy New Year!

My goal for 2014 is to post a picture each week! I want to get better at blogging the little moments, that happen in our life, as well as, the big moments.

Week 1..

We had a very low key NYE. We traveled back from my hometown earlier that night so we decided to just stay home. Weird as it sounds, I love nothing more than being at home. I am a total homebody..Adam, not so much, but we both enjoyed ringing in the new year at home in our pajamas! 

I hope your New Year has gotten off to a great start. I know ours has and we have many things to be thankful for! 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas 2013 Part 2

Christmas Eve

We started participating in Carpe Diem's Santa Run last year with the Tims family. Carpe is our favorite coffee shop in Mobile. We declared the Santa Run a Tims/Tait tradition so this year was no different.

After the Santa Run we visited Pollman's, my favorite bakery, to get a Christmas cookie. They are DELICIOUS. 

Our good friend, John, joined us for the Christmas Eve Service at DWBC. I LOVE our service on Christmas Eve. It is something I look forward to every year. 
It was also wonderful to have John with us. 

After the service, we go to Adam's parents house. We always have fun at their house and you can bank on laughing the whole time you are there! 

I LOVE Ms. Shannon's Christmas tree. It is filled with history, milestones, and FUN! 

Christmas Day
This year we decided to stay in Mobile on Christmas Eve night and I am so glad. We both enjoyed waking up at our house on Christmas morning. I made a breakfast casserole and we went back to my in-laws house to enjoy it and them on Christmas morning! 

After breakfast, (the car already packed) we headed to Toxey. I could not wait to get there. I know I only live about 2 hours away but I seem to miss my hometown more and more. 

The whole time we were there the house was filled with family and friends, complete Christmas joy.

I was so glad to see my MOM! 

Santa stopped by Toxey! 

 I am thankful for another Christmas with my sweet grandmother. She is one of the strongest women I know. The Christmas season is hard for her. She celebrates my Grandfather's birthday, who she misses with every breath, a few days after Christmas and the anniversary of the death of my Uncle Dexter just two days after that. 

Mom's Christmas decor!

Mam and her girls.
 They love their Mammie and she can't get enough of them either! 

The day after Christmas we celebrated even more! My extended family came to have dinner and exchange gifts. Here are the girls showing off a few things they opened. 

The Tims also visit Toxey during the holidays. The boys always try to channel their "inner hunter" but it NEVER seems to work. Poor Fisher just wants to kill a deer but has no luck when the other two are with him! 

We also visited one of my favorite little towns, Philadelphia, Mississippi. Adam, Mom, Yvonne, and I headed over there the Monday after Christmas to shop around their downtown area. They really have the neatest stores. We also visit the Williams Brothers General Store. It's a tradition that we bring my Grandmother back bacon and cheese, she says it's better from the general store! 

I can't believe our 2nd Christmas, as a family, is over. Time is flying by. Adam and I have loved being with our family and friends during the holidays. Work is knocking on the door and I don't even want to think about it. For now though, Merry Christmas from our little family.
We hope you had the happiest of holidays!!