Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Week 16: Spring Break

I think I heard the angels singing on the Friday we got out for Spring Break! I could not get out of the school fast enough. I definitely had spring fever. 

I started out my break by heading to Toxey to visit with friends and family. I never get to go enough, so I take the opportunity when I have it. It is such a breath of fresh air to be with my family. 

I headed back to Mobile on Tuesday and had a little down time at home for a few days. Unfortunately, Adam was not on Spring Break, so it was business as usual for him. He did manage to get off Friday so we could head to Sandestin to have a little mini vacation. We left Mobile as soon as he got out of class on Thursday. The drive to Florida isn't a bad drive at all. We were there in no time and I do believe it is my new favorite place. We are making plans to go back this summer. Our sweet, sweet friends invited us to come stay with them a few days and we are so thankful they did. 

We arrived around 6:30 pm on Thursday and had a quick dinner. The kids couldn't wait to show us everything, so after dinner we took a tour of the area on the golf cart. 

We woke up Friday morning to lots of rain. We got ready and ventured out. Our first stop was back in Destin at the Donut Hole. Oh. My. Gosh. Adam and I may drive back just to go there. The place is amazing. I suggest trying one of everything. You won't regret it. 

After breakfast we went back to the house and let the kids go to Baytowne Wharf, which is just a golf cart ride away, to play in the arcade. [At this point it is still pouring down rain.] We made the most of it and had some fun playing games. 

The rain finally started to clear up and we got to take a fun bike ride through the area. I snapped this picture on Adam's phone, because of course, mine was dead. 

We then headed back to Baytowne Wharf for dinner. After we ate the kids and Adam did the zip line and a few more things. That's right, Vivie is FOUR and did it. The girl is fearless.  The wharf has the cutest shops and the best place to get ice-cream!

The next morning, Saturday, we packed everything up and headed to do a little shopping at the outlets. I scored a few things at Gap! We had lunch with the Tims then said our goodbyes. Adam and I headed to check out the beaches on 30A. We had the best time driving down the highway and stoping in each town to take in everything. We loved it. Adam scored his Easter bow tie while we were there and I got a little seaside lovin!

We made one last stop at the Donut Hole to bring back the delicious goodness.

I am seriously so thankful for the much needed break from school. Now just 28 more days and we are out for SUMMER!! 

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Sibling Love

If you follow me on Instagram/Facebook you saw where I took pictures of these two sweet children. 
Seriously, how sweet! 

I got a camera, almost a year ago, and I am doing my research to get better at taking pictures. Annabelle and Davis let me practice on them! 

I love nothing more than a simple, classic photo! Annabelle and Davis did absolutely great! 

I'll leave you with just one more!! I can't get enough of their cuteness! 

If you would like a session, feel free to email me at maggiedoggett@gmail.com, text, or find me on Instagram or Facebook! 

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Easter 2014

Easter was fantastic!

 I love, love Easter. We started the day at our church, DWBC. It is always busy for us at church, but we love it. Adam and I got there and did some last minute things in the KidsWay room. I love seeing all the sweet kiddos dressed up in their Easter attire, and they all love showing me their new dresses and outfits. 

It is a tradition at Dauphin Way to bring flowers and place them on a wooden cross, in the Great Hall. The cross was gorgeous this year. It is precious to see all the children come with their flowers and place them on the cross. 

After church we head to eat lunch with Adam's family. There is a bunch of us and a whole lot of kiddos. It's never dull and the rooms are always filled with laughter.

It's not Easter in Mobile without a hat!

The kids can't wait to hunt Easter eggs right after lunch. It is Uncle John's, Adam's dad, job to hide the eggs each year. How cute are they looking for the eggs?


Be still my heart. I can't get enough of these two.

 We had a great day with our church and family. Thank you Jesus! 

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter Eggs

Last night we had some sweet friends over to die Easter eggs! You are never too old, right!? We had so much fun with them! Adam and I are always blessed by the company of friends! I snapped a few pics on my phone and wanted to share!

I hope your Thursday is fantastic! 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Week 12-15

WOW..I am behind. This seems to be a common theme around my blog but honestly I don't mind. The Taits have been busy, busy! 
Let us recap the last few weeks!

Week 12
There is a lot going on for me at school! The end of each school year always gets so busy. We started a BYOD, bring your own device, program in my classroom. We, along with 4 other classes, are piloting the program. It is going really, really good so far. My students have been very responsible! They are absolutely LOVING it! 

Adam and I also got to catch a documentary downtown at our favorite theater! 

Week 13
We had the privalge to host our sweet friends, Mat and Whitney Alexander, at our home!  They are so dear to our hearts and we loved having them with us a few days! 

Week 14
This was an incredibly hard week for me, work related. I am praising and thanking Jesus that He got me through it. Teaching can be tuff! We did go on a fun field trip to the Battleship! It was a nice way to end a long week! 

Week 15
I got to hear one of my favorite ladies sing at a local church here in Mobile! My sis-in-law went with me to hear Kari Jobe! We had a great time. 

I am spending the 16th week of the year soaking up every bit of Spring Break! More on that later!