Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sweet Blessings

The past few days Adam and I have had the chance to fellowship with some fantastic people. I am so thankful for the relationships God has placed in our lives.

I have been out of school this past week due to Mardi Gras and let me just say it has been wonderful! I was busy doing wedding things the beginning of the week but on Friday I took a break and had a coffee date with one of my favorite ladies in the world, Melissa Sutton! I met Melissa at a youth event I helped with at Dauphin Way. She made me some wonderful coffee and I have loved her since that day:) We have the best conversations. We sat and talked for almost 5 hours on Friday and it was EXACTLY what I needed. I am so thankful for Godly women,like Melissa, that God has placed in my life through DWBC.

Friday night Adam and I had a date night with our Associate Pastor and his wife. JT and Amber are so sweet ad fun to be with! We went to Ruth Chris, on gift cards of course:), and had the best time. We learn so much as a couple from them and JT is a great example for Adam in his ministry. These people are just another example of God's sweet blessings.

To top the weekend off we got to hangout with our family/friends the TIms. We adore this people. They are seriously more like family than friends. We went to Jerry and Jessica's house today for Adam to play basketball with some other guys from the church and then had a game night. (Jerry and Adam won just in case you were wondering!!) If anyone were like Adam and I as a couple it would be Jerry ad Jessica. They have taught us SO MUCH through our relationship. We seriously can't get enough of them and to top it off they have some of the cutest kids in the world!
See for yourself..

God has blessed Adam and I by putting these people in our lives. We are forever thankful for Dauphin Way for making our paths cross with these people and I know that wherever God takes us we will still have them in our lives..Sweet Blessings!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

ABC Shower

In December my sweet friends gave me a precious shower. The theme was "ABC"! Everyone was assigned a letter and that is the the letter that the gift started with. It was a great day for my first wedding shower and it was so fun to see all the creativity! I got a "Perfectly dustless" vacuum cleaner (P was their letter) and so many other wonderful gifts! I am so grateful.

Ms. Dayle Prentiss hosted the shower at her gorgeous home, 
it was beautiful and all decorated for Christmas.

Sadly my camera died and I did not get to take any pictures. I will know for the next shower and will not let that happen again. Thanks to my sweet friend Johanna for emailing some pictures. The shower was too great not to document!

My sweet friends/bridesmaids/hostess

I have such sweet friends from Mobile. I loved getting to enjoy all the girls that I spent my college days with at the shower.

Sorry I don't have more pictures to share. I have more showers coming up and I promise to take tons of pictures!

Thanks Hilary, Liz and Johanna for hosting such a fantastic shower!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wedding Happenings

We have finally decided on the wedding cakes. This was our last major thing we had to decide on and I am so glad! Yesterday we met with a sweet lady named Charlotte Farmer. Her cake was the absolute best (thanks Whit for the recommendation)! We went ahead and booked her and couldn't be more excited! She was fabulous!

Now with the cake being done we have moved on to the guest list! Mom came down yesterday afternoon for the cake testing and after that we tackled the guest list. We have alot of it done and I am so glad-it has definitely been my least favorite part.

Time is of course flying by!

Here is a picture of the adorable cake we got to taste and take home with us after the testing!!