Thursday, June 23, 2011

I recently moved into a new house! It has been so fun having a house instead of an apartment, not to mention I get to live with one of my best friends. I could not wait to share some pictures of the house with you. It is a work in progress but I love it and love getting to decorate! Here are just a few snap shots from my iPhone..enjoy!!

Welcome to 420 Mckeough Avenue

These two little things are some of my favorite...
not because of my obsession with burlap but because I made them!

I love this picture for many reasons. One reason being the cute little burlap pillow I had made out of an old pillow I did not want anymore. The second reason being my love for Antiques at the Loop on Airport Boulevard (I have my sweet friend Emily to thank for that). I found the old window that is hanging on the wall there. And last but not least the chair. I LOVE this chair. It is perfect for napping and reading! 

Please excuse the mess and all the random stuff in this picture!

Sorry this picture is so blurry but it is the only picture I had of my bedroom. 
It is plain and simple but I love it.

I hope your Thursday has been fantastic:)


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