Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankful for Today

We are currently headed back to Mobile, well I am riding..Adam is driving! Avett is turned up on the radio and we are singing so loud, I love moments like this with my future husband!
I have been working at Tanner's Pecan and Gifts while ERD was out for soon as I got off yesterday we loaded up and headed to Toxey! I love nothing more than getting to spend holidays with my family, especially Thanksgiving!
If you have never been to Toxey or a small town like it, I'm talking a town of 250 people max, you may not understand my love for home! I love getting to go home and people just stopping by because they see my car in the drive way. I love the fact that there are acres after acres behind my house where we can ride four wheelers. I love my small town. I love the fact that there is no red light or even a working caution light. I love that all my immediate family lives less than a mile from each other and they wouldn't have it any other way. Adam has been home with me several times but this time he got to experience some true country fun..he got to experience some of the same things I grew up experiencing! If you didn't know, Adam is a total city boy. If it isn't on Dauphin Street he most likely hasn't done it, which is totally ok with me, it makes him who he is and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Before our family came over last night Adam got to have a "first" experience! He rode and even drove his first four wheeler, I was so proud! Ha
We rode all down in the pasture behind my house and had the best time! The pictures you see or just some quick shots I took from my iPhone! Sorry for the blurriness!
We had our family over last night for Thanksgiving dinner at my mom's house. My favorite part was watching my 84 year old sweet grandmother making homemade dumplings. She is simply amazing! It makes my heart so happy to see Adam love my family and my family love him right back!

Adam has also never been hunting or shot a gun! My cousin Ken made sure he ended that! Today we woke up, watched the Macy Thanksgiving Parade, ate way to much..again, then headed to the woods! We totally weren't prepared for this so the camouflage you see in the picture is just some old stuff we found at my house! We may have looked ridiculous but we had the best time, even though we didn't see a thing and sat in total silence for about 3 hours. Adam was definitely a trooper!
I have seen so many "Thankful" post today on Twitter and Facebook and they are all great. If I had to say one thing I was thankful for it would be for yesterday and today. I am thankful that exactly 2 years ago God saw it fit to bring Adam Tait into my life. I am thankful for my precious mother and the sacrifices she has made for me. I am thankful for my family and the closeness we have. I am thankful for my hometown. No matter where I ever live, Toxey will always be home and I am thankful for simply that.
Happy Thanksgiving!!

PS: Sorry these pictures are awful quality and way out of order!

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