Saturday, September 1, 2012

It's Fall Y'all..

Ok well maybe it is not "technically" fall but this girl will pretend.
Seeing that it is 88 degrees in Mobile it does not feel like fall outside but inside my house it sure does.

College football has been playing in the background all day, a fall candle is burning, my house is clean and Alabama football is just a few hours away. We have a few friends from the college group at our church coming to our house tonight to watch the games. Football finger foods will be cooked and enjoyed. There is just something about this time of year. I am obsessed with it.

I have been so busy with the start of a new school year and I will have to admit that my little house projects were the first to take the back burner. Last week we were out of school for three days because of Hurricane Isaac (thankfully we never lost power and the weather wasn't that bad). I was so excited for a small break to catch up on the never ending fun "To Do" list.

The first thing I tackled was a gallery of pictures in our hallway. I had already found on pinterest how to create cheap matted frames. I headed to the Dollar Tree and bought poster board, and a few dollar frames. I created the matted part of the frame out of the poster board then put the black and white pictures with it. I will say it turned out pretty good and was incredibly cheap! I made some pictures in Charleston with the frame wall in mind. We had such a great time that I want a little piece of Charleston and our honeymoon somewhere captured in our house.

Another thing that I had already bought supplies for but never got around to doing were coasters. My friend Emily had made coasters for her house and they turned out so cute that I had to try it myself. We have a Habit for Humanity store here in Mobile that is open to the public. Everything is so cheap!(side note: I got a gallon of the prettest light blue paint there for $1) I found my tiles here for .35 cents a piece. I then picked up some mod podge and a glaze..I already had pictures from the wedding that would be going on the coasters. I think they turned out pretty neat. That would be the perfect happy for someone!

Ok this project I did a while back (not during Hurricane Isaac) but while I am sharing I might as well show you this one! Our stove had an awful looking vent above it and I had to change it. I thought about replacing it with a new one but then had the bright idea of chalkboard paint. It is so popular right now and I couldn't wait to get my hands on some. I am eventually going to paint the back also but the vent will have to do for now! I love it!

Now go enjoy some football.


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