Sunday, January 13, 2013


Since becoming a Mrs. I have learned many things. I love everything that comes with the Mrs. title. Recently I have discovered how much I love meal planning. I started doing it this month and I have enjoyed it way more than I thought I would. I find joy in looking through the sale papers each week and planning meals. I have only done it this month but boy I can already see a huge difference in our bank account. If you are reading this and do the same thing each week I would love your tips and tricks.

I also set up a binder to help organize "life". I got the idea from of course Pinterest but I made it to fit our life. I am a little (others may say a lot) OCD. I have set up a budget for our little family and I am also tracking what we spend and recording it on a excel sheet I created. I know you are probably thinking she has totally lost it and maybe I have BUT... It has worked for us and it isn't as hard as it seems. I would love to pass on the files I created for our binder and you can edit them to fit your needs. Just leave me your email and I will pass them along.

We have loved this new system. Our money is being managed in a whole new way. We are spending less and saving more. We recently finished up a financial class with our Sunday school class at church. I highly recommend any newlywed couple to do this. The curriculum is from Crown Ministries, not exactly like Dave Ramsey but very similar. It was so helpful!

What are you doing to save money?

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  1. I am pretty sure we are related somewhere down the line! Tony and I completed the Crown Ministries study during premarital counseling. Then, I created our excel spreadsheet. I use it for everything and I even save all our receipts in a file folder. Believe me, I am OCD as well! :) Have you tried the impact coupons and the Sunday Paper coupons? I have used those when I meal plan along with!