Sunday, March 2, 2014

Week 7-9

Of course I am playing catch up. The weeks have gotten away from me. 
Week 7 
We spent week 7 celebrating Valentines Day! Thank goodness it fell on a Friday this year. This teacher was very happy. Of course, that meant that I was so tired, by Friday nights, I can barely hold my head up. We didn't go to a fancy restaurant or really do anything out of the just really isn't our style. We spent the evening eating at Moe's and visiting some of our favorite stores! 

I love my Valentine.

My kiddos at school were super sweet! 

I also got to attend this little girl's 1st birthday party! I can't believe she is ONE! 

Week 8

We spent time with Adam's family at a parade! 

Week 9

It was Dr. Seuss Day at school..

 We spent Saturday downtown with family!

I am loving the fact that I am off the next three days! I plan on soaking up sweet friendships, enjoying my family and my home! Have a great week! 

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