Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Week 12-15

WOW..I am behind. This seems to be a common theme around my blog but honestly I don't mind. The Taits have been busy, busy! 
Let us recap the last few weeks!

Week 12
There is a lot going on for me at school! The end of each school year always gets so busy. We started a BYOD, bring your own device, program in my classroom. We, along with 4 other classes, are piloting the program. It is going really, really good so far. My students have been very responsible! They are absolutely LOVING it! 

Adam and I also got to catch a documentary downtown at our favorite theater! 

Week 13
We had the privalge to host our sweet friends, Mat and Whitney Alexander, at our home!  They are so dear to our hearts and we loved having them with us a few days! 

Week 14
This was an incredibly hard week for me, work related. I am praising and thanking Jesus that He got me through it. Teaching can be tuff! We did go on a fun field trip to the Battleship! It was a nice way to end a long week! 

Week 15
I got to hear one of my favorite ladies sing at a local church here in Mobile! My sis-in-law went with me to hear Kari Jobe! We had a great time. 

I am spending the 16th week of the year soaking up every bit of Spring Break! More on that later! 

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