Saturday, July 12, 2014

Summer Part 1 & 2

I feel like the summer just started and then I look at my calendar and I see that it is almost over. Time flies. I have been going nonstop since we got out of school.  
Week 21/22..
Adam and I celebrated two years of marriage during this week. We went to New Orleans for a little over night trip. We had the best time eating the good food New Orleans has to offer, shopping, and walking through the streets. 

Week 23..
I can't even remember this week. It was the last week of the school year. Enough said. 
Week 24..
I finished up with school and headed straight into VBS at our church! We had a great week being agents and learning about God's word and promises. 

Week 25..
I turned the big 25 this week! We celebrated by having lunch at one of my favorite spots, Ashland Midtown Pub,  and dinner with my Mom at Kitchen on George! My in-laws insisted on having me a birthday party too! Everyone was so sweet and thoughtful. I am blessed with an amazing family. 

My mom was sweet and made my birthday cake to match 
the one she made my dad when he turned 25!

Week 26..
Our church took 31 kindergarten-third grade students to KidsWay Camp this week! It is a two night camp, not far from the church, but the kids still get the full camp experience. We had a blast swimming, playing games, and learning about Jesus. The theme was survivor and Adam related all the Bible studies back to that. It totally wore us out! 

Week 27..
The 4th of July was a blast. We started the day at Woodlands Swim Club in Mobile. Adam's parents have been members there for years. We met some other family and had the best time together! 

After the pool, we headed to Fairhope to eat dinner and see fireworks. Our sweet friends, Mary Grace and Patrick, went with us! We had the best time playing corn hole, having dinner at Moe's, and watching the fireworks. 

My little cousin Abbi also stayed with us at the beginning of this week. She loves coming to the "city" and we love having her. 

Week 28..
My sweet Aunt Mary went to be with the Lord this week. I went home to be with my family and to see my Pappy, who I miss and do not get to see as much as I wish. 
This was my great grandmother's house-my Pappy and Aunt Mary grew up here. 
I love it. 

My precious Aunt Mary. 

I got back to Mobile just in time to dress like a cow!
We will do anything for free chick-fil-a!
During one of these weeks we got to see some of our favorite people, the Alexander family and John. Mat came to preach at DWBC and it worked out that John could come too. It is rare that we are all in one city.  We had the best time catching up! 

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