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Top 16 Reasons to Love Mobile

Adam and I are officially on our way to Louisville, Kentucky. I can’t even express how much we are going to miss Mobile, Alabama. This has been my home for 8 years and JAT has lived here his whole life. To say we are leaving a piece of our heart, in this city, is for sure an understatement. I wanted to jot down a few things and places that makes us love this city so much. 

(Of course, our number 1 is our family. Living in Mobile, put me only 2 hours away from my hometown and we loved getting to spend so much time with our Mobile family.) 

Top 16 Reasons to Love Mobile

1. Dauphin Way Baptist Church. The people, that make up this congregation, mean the world to us. Our family is here. I had no idea what was in store for my life when I first visited Dauphin Way as a college student. I could have never dreamed that I would end up meeting my husband, getting married, and starting our ministry together all in the same place. Oh, how we love these people. 

2. Old Dutch Ice Cream. Y’all. This place is my personal favorite. There is nothing like Praline Pecan Ice Cream.

3. Dinner Downtown Mobile. Here are a few of our favorite places to eat.
Mediterranean Sandwich Shop-Moes BBQ-Kitchen on George-Dumb Waiter-Cafe 219-Spot of Tea-Bicycle Shop-Callaghan's
Panini Petes- The Farmer’s Market is also a favorite of ours.

4. The Crescent Theater. We love this place. (I am sure hoping Louisville has something like this downtown). We love watching movies at the Crescent. Our favorite time to visit is during the Christmas holidays. They are always playing classic films. (And an added bonus, if you go early you can score a recliner!)

5. Carpe Diem. We can't get enough of coffee and that means we LOVE Carpe. We also enjoy participating in the Santa Run, that they host, every Christmas Eve. It’s one of our favorite things to do with one of our favorite families! 

6. Mobile Library. The library is the best. Now, I know every city has one of these but we are going to miss Mobile’s library. The downtown branch is just wonderful. 

7. The Causeway. If the city wasn’t enough you can always drive to Mobile Bay for dinner with a view. A Tait favorite is ED’s Seafood. We have celebrated many special occasions there. I also enjoy Original Oyster House! 

8. Other Mobile Restaurants. Enough Said. 
Butch Cassidy’s-Big Time Diner-Foosackly’s- The House
Pollman’s Bakery

I can’t even name them all. So GOOD. 

10. Ashland Midtown Pub. This place deserves its on number. It is one of the BEST. We have made it a birthday tradition. 

11. Go Jags! Adam recently graduated from the University of South Alabama. We have loved having a home team to cheer on together. 

12. Sugar Rush and Flour Girl. Sugar Rush is the place to go for delicious doughnuts and Flour Girl has our all time favorite cupcake!

13. Azalea Trail Run. This year was our first year to run the race but we loved it! I am hoping we can come back for it in the future. 

14. MARDI GRAS. Adam said that it is going to hit him that we have moved when it is Mardi Gras season and we can’t go to a parade. This is our absolute FAVORITE thing to do with Adam’s side of the family. Let’s not even talk about how much we are going to miss this big event. Oh, and the King Cake.. I can’t even. 

15. Living Near Water..This might not even make sense to some, but there is just something about knowing you live near the gulf. It is a short drive to Dauphin Island and Gulf Shores/Orange Beach. I didn’t realize how much we take this for granted. 

16. Historical Homes. Call me crazy, but for some reason I always enjoy going for rides through the historical districts. I have claimed several of the homes “ours” and love looking at all the aspects that make them unique.

PS: Another favorite thing of mine to do is to drive across the bay to spend the day on the Eastern Shore.  Adam would not agree but I will say that a day spent in Fairhope, Alabama is a day well spent. The quaint town is picture perfect. I have dragged JAT over for fireworks and dinner and he did enjoy himself. 

Oh, and who can’t forget the Grand Hotel. We spent our 1st year anniversary at the Grand and it was perfect. We absolutely enjoy making a quick trip over to Point Clear to enjoy the pool and bike rides at the Grand Hotel. 

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