Sunday, September 4, 2011

Life Lately

I feel like I haven't blogged in forever!! There has just not been that much going on lately, nothing too exciting or really worth reading!! Right now it is currently raining so hard! It has been raining all weekend here in Mobile due to Tropical Storm Lee.

I recently finished up a three week interim at E.R. Dickson Elementary (also the school where I student taught) in kindergarten. I love this school. The teachers, staff, and students have won my heart! I feel like it's home and everyone is family. E.R. Dickson has some of the best teachers and staff in Mobile County! I never thought I would get so attached to 17 five year olds. BUT let me just say I did! I did not want to hand the classroom back over to the teacher! I have never really been in the kindergarten setting so I was nervous going into the job. The teacher was gone for the first three weeks of school so I was responsible for starting the school year off and getting the students into a school routine! I am not sure who was more nervous on the first day, me or the students? Probably me! ERD is a school with over 900 students. I was most concerned with getting all my little ones home. They either went home in a car, which meant they are a certain number, bus rider, which meant they were a certain bus number and color, van rider, or walker! I was so worried that one of my kiddos were going to get on the wrong bus but thankful it did not happen! We survived the day and all got home safe and sound! I quickly began to learn each student! What they liked and disliked, who brought a lunch box and who ate in the cafeteria, who need extra help and who was independent, who could sit still and who liked to talk, and who needed an extra little hug. They learned all about me quickly too, always asking questions! Most thought I lived at the school:) I had the privilege to be their "first" teacher at ERD and for that I am so thankful! Starting kindergarten has so many first time experiences and I got to teach and share each and every experience with these 17 kindergarteners! It was the first time to go to the cafeteria, to hold a tray and at the same time try your hardest not to spill it! It was the first time to get to go to P.E.-something they looked forward to every day!! It was the first time some of them had been away from home that long! One little girl told me every so often that she really did love school but just missed her mommy! The moments like that were my favorite! I would give her a hug and assure her that the school day was almost over! This past Friday was a sad day! At 3:45 the "real" classroom teacher met me and I handed over the keys! I already miss those 17 cute things! Honestly some days they drove me crazy and I had never heard my name called more than I did just one day teaching kindergarten! BUT I loved it and would not traded my experience for the world.

At the beginning of the school year I did not understand why I did not have a classroom of my own. Yes I graduated and yes I got my degree. So why could I not find a job? It is a question that hurt and was confusing. I had worked so hard in college only to graduate and not find a job. But God saw the bigger picture while I only saw the right now. God has reassured this to me so many times since school started. He has a plan for my life and getting a teaching job right after college was not part of the plan. God has miraculously worked out every single detail. I finished up my three week interim Friday and got a call that day from another principal asking if I could start Tuesday doing an interim for her! Another example of God's perfect timing. After that interim is completed I have another one lined up then even another one after that! God is so good!

I am also the new Cheerleading Coach at the University of Mobile! I will be forever thankful for UM. I never in a million years thought I would one day be working with the cheerleaders at UM but I am so excited for what is to come! Rachel Tillman is the captain this year! She is amazing! We held tryouts this past weekend-huge success! The girls that participated in try outs are so talented. They are great girls, inside and out!

On a different note, Adam and I traveled back to my home church this past Wednesday night. They are currently looking for a pastor and asked Adam to come and speak. I was nervous for him and excited. I loved sitting in the pew listening to Adam preach God's word! Lord willing that will not be my last time to get to experience Adam preaching!

I can't believe it is already September! August flew by but that is ok with me! I love everything that September brings: new school year, football, and my favorite season Fall!
Things are great in Mobile! My mom, cousin and her two little girls are coming to  visit next weekend and I am so excited! That will be the thing that gets me through the work week, oh and the fact that its a four day week!
Have a great Labor Day!

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