Saturday, December 31, 2011

And we are down to 5 months!!

We have hit the 5 month mark! That may not seem like a big deal to you but it is to me! I know I said in an earlier post that I wasn't going to count down to the big day but it isn't easy! To justify it I am only counting months, I have not started counting days..yet :)

Everything has been going so great!! A lot has happened since I last blogged about the wedding. Colors have been picked out! I have found a wedding dress and i am IN LOVE! It is perfect!! I can't wait for everyone to see it!! All the bridesmaid dresses have been ordered, suits have been decided on, along with the ties for the groomsmen!

We went ahead and ordered the napkins and invitations and they both have arrived! It is so exciting to get things like that in the mail! The invitation made it feel so real that I was actually marrying Adam Tait on May 26th!!  The reception has been planned out and the food that we are serving has been chosen. I feel like all the major stuff is done, (minus the fact that I can't decide who I want to do our cakes. If you have a suggestion let me know) now we are down to just the little details! That's a good thing to me because my planning book says to have it all done by the 6 month mark!

Adam and I took engagement pictures back in November and we have ordered a few of those! They turned out great! I am in love with our photographer, Wendy Wilson!
This is one of our favorite pictures from the engagement session!
I am not sure if other engaged couples are like us but we loved registering for things for our home! I felt like we registered for everything in every store we went in but everyone has been telling me that is a good thing...people like variety:) Can you believe we have already had our first wedding shower? I know, crazy! I have some of the sweetest friends in the world. Johanna came all the way from Illinois to host the shower for me! Johanna, Hilary, and Elizabeth thank you so much for hosting the first shower! Y'all are the best!
-I plan on posting pictures and more details from the shower. It was too great not to share!!

While I was home for Christmas I got a few smaller things accomplished. Mom had a list of things for us to do and I think we have just about crossed off everything!

Have a great New Year! Exciting things to come!!

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