Monday, March 12, 2012

10 weeks

10 weeks
74 days..
We are counting down. Adam and I can not wait for May 26th.

I have been so blessed through wedding planning. I have the best mom in the world. She has been amazing through it all.

I have had only one minor/major event happen (judge it how you want)!

The place where I purchased my dress had called me to let me know that my dress was in and ready for my first fitting! I was so excited. During Mardi Gras break my Mom, Godmother and wedding director came to Mobile to do some wedding planning with me and to have my first dress fitting. We arrived at the store and when they brought the dress to me I quickly realized that it was the wrong dress..I did not start panic mode at this point because I was thinking it was just the wrong bag. Needless to say it was the right bag (with all my information) but just the wrong dress. My dress order had not been keyed in the computer right resulting in the wrong dress being ordered..since my dress was not made in the states the turn around is a minimum of 4 months..PANIC STARTED NOW! I did not have 4 months until the wedding. That day the store could not get up with the company who made the dress. Our only option was to leave and wait for a phone call. The next day the manager called me and let me know that my dress would arrive at her store May 11th (rush delivery of course) We were relieved that it would be here in time for the wedding but so sad because that meant no bridal portraits.

Other than the dress incident everything has been fantastic! We have checked off almost everything. We are working now on the wedding program and waiting on May!

The suits and ties have been ordered, bridesmaids dresses and shoes are here, and the fg and rb outfits are being made! My sweet future mother-in-law is getting everything ready for rehearsal dinner (we are so excited about this)! Arrangements for the out of town wedding party members have been made, and the invitations are being addressed and ready for sending out!

Oh one big thing that I don't think I have mentioned is the honeymoon! After the wedding we will be heading to Charleston, SC. We may be most excited about this part. We have done lots of research on things to do and see. We are staying on King Street at a fabulous hotel. If you have been and have suggestions please let us know!

I have a shower at our church here in Mobile this weekend! We are so blessed by all the sweet people in our lives that are giving us showers. I will definitely blog about my showers. I know I will want to have them documented for the future.

My roommates are both engaged! I am so excited to share and be a part of  their weddings! Kylie's wedding is June 23rd and Hilary's wedding is July 7th. We will be having wedding fun all summer long.

In other news, our church, DWBC, is kicking off Children's Worship this Sunday. Adam has been working as the Children's Associate for a little while now and is excited to be starting a children's worship service. Pray for our church as we start something new and pray for Adam as he ministers to the children of DWBC!

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