Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday at Dauphin Way

Last Sunday was a BIG Sunday for us. It was the launch of Kids Way Worship at our church, DWBC, and also my church shower.

Kids Way was fabulous! Adam did a fantastic job and the kids loved it. We are so excited about this new ministry and can not wait to see it grow each Sunday. I wanted to share a few pictures that I snapped with my phone and camera! Some are from last week and this week.

(First Week) March 18, 2012
 Mr. Brian making announcements

 Adam was a flight attendant. (No he does not dress like that!)

Our focus verse!

(Second Week) March 25, 2012

 Application Time

Thank you so much for praying for Adam. We have truly felt the prayers. 

The next fun thing that happened last Sunday was my Dauphin Way shower. I started going to Dauphin Way about four years ago. Never did I imagine that I would meet my husband at this church then also married there. I have been extremely blessed. Adam has a precious family. His Aunt LuLu and her four daughters hosted my shower. It was such a fun time. My mom, "Maw", and Yvonne got to come join in on the fun. My sweet friends Suzanne and Hilary were also there. I got so many nice things. Having showers is making it extremely hard to have patience. I want so badly to pull everything out and start using it all now! 

Sweet Hostess. I am so thankful I can call them family!

 Sweet ladies of Dauphin Way


 My precious mother!

 I can't get enough of these two! 

Sweet Annabelle

The DWBC shower was amazing. I know I say it all the time but this girl is BLESSED. 

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