Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Long Time...No Blog.

Long Time....No Blog...Seriously.

I recently have really been missing my blog time. I love to blog but just have not seemed to have the time. I have been spending most of my nights at school and by the time I get home it is dinner time and then more school work!

School is going great! I love everything about it. My kids, classroom, school, coworkers, planning..I think it is safe to say I was born to teach! Nothing excites me more than being with my 18 kiddos everyday. I mean how can you not love someone who writes you letters like this! (btw this little one is in the class next door)

Now of course I have my days. It was really hard going back to school after Thanksgiving break but once I was there I was hooked right back in! I can't post pictures of my kids on here (due to MCPSS rules) but I can show you some of the fun things we have been doing!

Cause and Effect activity with one of my favorite Read Alouds ever!
We of course had a huge unit on the election. Each week leading up to the election we did some sort of activity. We wrote letters to the future president, we mad a prediction on who would win, and we also did a election day glyph! My kids were so excited to "vote" on the day of the election! I set up a polling place right outside my classroom so the other third grade classes could also participate. We wore our "I Voted" necklaces around the school the rest of the day. They were so proud.


I can hardly believe it is almost mid year and I have a half of a year teaching under my belt! Crazy how time flies!

In other news, my sweet husband preached his first sermon in the sanctuary at DWBC a few weeks ago. I was so proud. This of course is not the first time he has preached, he preaches every Sunday in KidsWay Worship, but I was especially nervous for this one. I had no reason to be..He did great!! So incredibly proud!!
I am LOVING being a newlywed and all the fun "first" that comes with the title!! JAT and I have had a great holiday season so far. After Mrs. Tait's "Not So Traditional" Thanksgiving lunch at school, (I celebrated Thanksgiving with my class by having turkey sandwiches, popcorn, and cranberry juice) we headed straight for Toxey to celebrate Thanksgiving. My mom had the house in full Thanksgiving decor. We were totally lazy and loved every minute of it.

I could not wait to get back to Mobile and put up our Christmas decorations. I have never had a live tree growing up so that was the one thing I knew I wanted to start with my family. We picked up our tree on Sunday and came straight home to decorate. Another tradition we wanted to start is our ornaments. I love all of the gorgeous Christmas tree decorations but I wanted only ornaments that we have collected over the years. Well you can only imagine what our tree looks like this year!! We have about 10 ornaments on the tree and I LOVE IT! Those 10 ornaments are so special to me. They represent the things and places we have went in our first 6 months of marriage. I love starting Christmas traditions with JAT!

This past weekend started our month FULL of Christmas parties! On Friday night I had my ERD Christmas party and Saturday we had some friends from church over for a fun little Christmas party!

I hope your holiday season is in full swing and you are loving every minute of it!!

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