Monday, April 29, 2013

Trip to Denver

Ok, spring break is over and I was forced got right back in the grove of things today at school.


Last week was spent around my house cleaning, catching up, and visiting my mom, friends, and family. It was a perfect, simple break.

The week before SB I had the opportunity to go, with a few other teachers, to a math conference in Denver, Colorado.

We hit the ground running as soon as our plane landed in Denver. We learned many great, new ideas while at the conference. It makes me excited to implement all the new things next year. If you are reading this and teach math, I would love to share some things with you. Leave me a comment and I will email you.

Denver was freezing. We arrived on Tuesday night and when we woke up Wednesday morning it was snowing...and it snowed alllllll day long. I like snow, it really is great, BUT after being in it Wednesday and getting drenched,  I realized, I REALLY like warm weather.

I goofed and forgot to take my camera but I did get some pictures on my phone. Snow really makes everything pretty and picture worthy.

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