Monday, April 1, 2013

Coffee and Conversation: #5


What are you currently struggling or grappling with in your life?
Maybe the better question is...what are you not struggling with? Sometimes I feel like my whole crazy, small life is a struggle. That is when I quickly have to realize and thank God for all He has blessed me with.
If I am being completely honest, I would say being content is my biggest struggle right now. Some days I wake up and ask God to help me be content during the day. (How silly when I have so much to be thankful for) I struggle with not only in the big things in life but also the little things. I want so bad to think I need new and better things. Big things, like a new house and little things, like new clothes. So much of our lives are spent looking forward to the next thing. When you are in highschool it is graduation, then college, finding "Mr. Right", and eventually marriage. I (maybe you too) seem to never be content right where the Lord has me. We are always looking to the future and what is next.
The Lord is teaching me (thankfully He doesn't give up) to live in the moment, be incredibly thankful for right where I am and to be content.



  1. New visitor! Hello! :) Have you ever read A Blog About Love?, it is a blog filled with positive thinking and love for life, and there are lots of posts about discovering worth, being grateful, and choosing happiness. It's addictive. :)

  2. I struggled so much with discontentment about a year ago. My key to getting out of my pit of discontentment was thankfulness, just like you said. It was so hard for me to be content with where God had me, but shifting my focus to being thankful for the little things really changed my perspective on life. I am praying it does for you too! I am praying that God reveals His glory to you in many moments each and every day so you see His purpose for your life in the present! Blessings, Rachael from Inking the Heart. Linked up #20 at conversation and coffee

  3. My goodness what a lovely post. I so very much appreciate your honesty. This is something, if we're honest, we have have struggled with. There is indeed so much to be thankful for each day and so many blessings to find joy and contentment in. Thanks so much for posting & linking up :)

  4. I could definitely use a lesson in contentment! I, too, struggle with this! Just found your blog through your guest post over at Kalyn's blog! I'm a new follower! Hope you're having a great day and I pray you find your contentment in every day life!

    Heather @ From Here to There