Monday, June 25, 2012

One Month

Can you believe JAT and I have been married a WHOLE month! I know we can't. It seriously has been the fastest month of our lives. I don't think we have stopped since getting back from Charleston, which I miss everyday, if you have a chance please go to this city!

Marriage is wonderful and let me tell you we have had some fun.

Adam and I got back from our honeymoon and went straight to housesitting for a family. We were there from Saturday to Thursday. We then headed to Toxey for a wedding (Jessie you were BEAUTIFUL and your wedding was amazing) and a sweet visit with my family.

We of course headed back to Mobile Saturday night after the wedding to be with our church family on Sunday morning. We missed Kids Way Worship while we were gone on the honeymoon. 

I snapped this picture before things got started on Sunday morning. James Holston thought it was so fun that he "matched" Adam! If you look close you will notice that he even put a pencil behind his ear just like Adam. We love JHL and the whole Lewis crew! 

VBS was next on the agenda. I was so sad I did not get to participate. I am babysitting this summer and was not able to teach this year. We did have a sneak peak on Wednesday and the kids were having a blast. Family night was Friday night so I got to join in on that fun too! 

This my friend is Vivie. I love her and am slightly obsessed.
She is very much so enjoying a cupcake in this picture.
We were over at her house for a youth event one week night during VBS. 

We had friends over for a little grilling night. John and Emily Bass are such sweet friends. We love getting to spend time with them. I am sad I didn't get more pictures from the night. Our friend Kylie also came over and Emily and I got to help her with some last minute wedding planning. 

I picked these beautiful hydrangeas from our backyard. I am loving our backyard. 

Adam was exhausted after finishing up VBS week. We crashed Friday night after Family night then got up and headed out on the river Saturday morning. The Tims family invited us to go out on their boat. We were literally on the water all day Saturday..I enjoyed every minute of it! We tubed and knee boarded. The day was just perfect.

 If you didn't notice..this is Vivie, she is the youngest of the Tims family! 
Just enjoying her day on Dog River.

We rode into the bay. I LOVE this picture of downtown Mobile. 
I don't think I could love another. 

You are probably thinking at this point how much more can I pack in this blog. Don't give up reading yet. We also celebrated my birthday during our first month of marriage. 

JAT treated me so well. He bought me a sewing class that I got to take with my friend Emily. He also treated my to a new iPhone cover. We met for lunch at one of our favorite spots, Ashland Midtown Pub. 

This is their bread pudding. We have Whit to thank for introducing us to this masterpiece. 
It is delicious and served as my birthday cake! Best one yet. 

We then celebrated my birthday with a flag football game and dinner with one of our favorite families.

She scored a touchdown. SO PROUD.

Farmer's Market was visited. This might be the best watermelon we have ever had.
We also scored some of the famous "Pickle Princess" pickles, salsa, homemade bread and 
farm fresh eggs!

This past weekend was wedding weekend for my friend Kylie. I met Kylie in college, she is also a teacher, and we lived together a few months this past year. I was honored to stand beside her on her wedding day.

My sweet mother-in-law made sure I got to celebrate my birthday with family. She invited everyone for lunch after church on Sunday for a birthday lunch. I am blessed to have married in such a sweet family.  

How yummy is this? 
This cookie is from a local bakery here in Mobile and a favorite of the Tait family!
I don't think we celebrate a birthday without something from Pollman's.

We had a chill night at home last night and boy am I thankful. Adam cooked this yummy dinner on the grill!

Happy One Month Anniversary JAT! Love you.

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  1. The bread pudding is amazing! So glad you got to enjoy it! Happy 1 month anniversary! The Alexanders love you both!!