Saturday, September 28, 2013

I survived the first TWO months..

I survived. Yep. Whoa, was it a whirlwind.  I welcomed 22 kids, on the 19th of August. Having no idea of their personalities, that has all changed. We are all comfortable now and our different personalities are shining through. 

If your child is in third grade or hasn't reached it yet, let me just prepare you..Math is Challenging. Rounding is currently all we think about. I try to find ways to make it fun. They thought writing on their desk was just the craziest thing ever. It wipes off without a problem
 (we use socks as erasers...easy, washable, and cheap)
(Side Note: I don't let my kids say things are hard, they tend to give up easily. We say things are challenging but we work hard to solve those things)

I have said before that I love teaching with anchor charts. I really feel like it helps my kids grasp what they are learning when they see it. I leave the anchor charts on my walls and take them down occasionally. I will switch them out, depending on what skill we are looking at. 

These are all Reading but I also use them in Math.

We are implementing the Common Core standards this year for English Language Arts (we started the Math last year) and I have LOVED it. I love unpacking the standard and not following a certain curriculum. I believe it has made me enjoy teaching even more. I love getting to read my favorite books to teach the skill. (PS: I love Kevin Henks, Patricia Polocco, and Janelle Cannon. They are all GREAT authors that I have used so far.)

If you are an educator let me recommend Teachers Pay Teachers. 
It is an awesome website. I get 90% of all my printable from this site.
 I also always get the free downloads. 

Life lately (meaning these past two months) that does not involve school involves weddings. I have two sweet friends, one is getting married in October and the other in November, that I have helped host showers for this past month. 

Adam and I are enjoying life, as always. School is busy for my sweet husband. Adam is in his final year at USA (I think). We are both thrilled that football is back on TV. I don't think I could love fall any more. There is just something about a Saturday in the fall. It doesn't get any better. 

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  1. You are precious! From the classroom, to your home decor- I love it all! So thankful for you!

  2. Congrats on making it through! I am just finishing my first year and I cannot believe how fast it flew. Keep up the awesome work- your things look great!

    Lauren @ How Beautiful Are The Feet