Sunday, December 1, 2013

Wedding Season

I'm back…I thought I would never return.

My days, since I last blogged, have been busy. School and weddings have been on the top of my list lately and they both have totally consumed every free minute. All of my sweet friends are married and school is somewhat (as much as it can) slowing down a bit. 

Lets recap the last few weeks/months!

Since I last blogged my sweet high school friend, Shayna, got married. I loved, loved being a part of her special day.

The third graders at ERD went on a field trip and had a student teacher for the month of November. We  also learned some life lessons and a little multiplication (we are still working on this). 

Adam and I moved somewhere in between all of this craziness! I seriously have the best husband in the world. He did 99% of the moving by himself. We moved the first weekend in November and are so happy. We loved our little home in Saraland, but we needed to be closer to work and church. We found the perfect little town home and are already in love! (I will share pictures, ASAP!)

The Taits, along with our good friends Hilary and Peyton, traveled to Highlands, North Carolina for, my college friend, Elizabeth's wedding. 
It was absolutely beautiful. A great little getaway for us!

And when we got home from that wedding we got ready for another one here in Mobile..tired yet? 
My mom was actually in town a whole week for this wedding. It was so fun to have her staying with us! We even got to do a little Christmas Jubilee shopping!!

I will say that the weddings are over for now! I am looking forward to life slowing down and just enjoying the holiday season! 

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