Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Keep Calm

IT. IS. ALMOST. 4TH QUARTER...need I say more. That phrase could possibly be my favorite right now.  I have almost completed my first year of teaching. Whew I am a tired teacher. Right now my kids are ready for spring break (still several weeks away) and I am too!

I feel like this sums everything up...

Now don't get me wrong...I LOVE TEACHING. I love getting up and going to work every morning, I love seeing my 18 kiddos everyday, and I love that light bulb moment when they learn something new. At this moment I am just ready for SUMMER! 

I wanted to share a few things going on in my classroom. I have been horrible about keeping up with my 1st year of teaching, on my blog, and I am promising now to do better in the years to come! 

Last week we had a fun Friday by getting to video conference with a 3rd grade class from Michigan. I signed up for the conference a while back and could not wait for my kids to get to experience this use of technology. The goal of the conference was to tell your partner class about your city, using a reading strategy or book. We decided to persuade our friends to visit the great city of Mobile. We have been learning about author's purpose and we have learned that an author may write a story to persuade the reader to do something! WE HAD A BLAST! We talked about Mobile's history, sports, gardens, Mardi Gras parades and seafood. 

Last Friday we also had a Dr. Seuss celebration! We started off the day by eating green eggs and ham and then had some pretty cool celebs read us a Dr. Seuss book via the web! (I definitely got cool points for that one)

At this point in the year you really don't want to change your classroom around simply because it is almost summer. NOT ME. I am itching to get in my room and totally transform it. I have started a running summer "to do" list. There are so many little things that I have found that must be done! 

One thing that I did go ahead and do this year was a vocabulary board in my classroom. ERD has school wide vocabulary that must be posted somewhere in your room. I really could not find the place for it until I was given a new bulletin board...BINGO! I went right to work. 

Whatcha think...

This will hold my "lets redo everything/reorganize" urge...at least until summer!

If you are a teacher reading the blog let me know some organization tips you may have! 

Right now we are floating in fraction land...everything is a fraction!

PS: I am addicted to making anchor charts for my classroom!

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. I love your chart! Teacher posts are some of my favorites :) I am sure you are doing phenomenal as a first year teacher!