Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Meet Kalyn: Small Town Review

Happy Wednesday! Find joy in knowing that you are half way through the work week! Today, I am excited to have my very first guest on the blog. Meet my sweet friend Kalyn. I was so excited when she started following my blog and I adore getting to stay connected with her through the web. You can find her here. Thanks for reading sweet friends.

Hello A Weaving of Grace readers! I'm Kalyn, the blogger behind the blog Love.Laughter.Happily Ever After. I journal all my OCD and ADHD rambling thoughts of faith, amateur photography, completing my degree, the joys of having a Pinterest obsession on a Dollar Tree budget, fashion, and a little here and there about being a new wife. 

I am so thankful Maggie asked me to guest post today! Maggie and I actually grew up in the same small county in the deep south of Alabama, are from even smaller communities, and competed against each other when it came to many AISA school activities. Believe it or not, we actually both got married last summer and have chosen the same career path. While Maggie is currently an elementary educator, I am on the road to completing my educator certification. Can you say small town life translates into a small world? I was overjoyed the moment I found Maggie in this big 'ole blogging community! I love following along in her littler corner of the internet, as I am sure you do too. 

So, are you from a small town? 

You know you are from a small town when.... 

 You know the population of your town because it is on the sign as you enter. You can name everyone in your high school graduation class (of 18- dream big!). If you said a swear word, your parents knew about it within an hour. It was cool to date somebody from the neighboring town (even better if you could snag someone from the neighboring county!). You gave directions by people, not street names. (Turn at the Nelson house, go east to Andersons' and it is four houses left of Bob Locke.) You saw at least one friend a week driving his tractor through town. All directions included "the 4 way stop at the courthouse" as a reference. Your teachers mentioned when they had your parents in class. The closest mall, movie theater, Wal-mart, and McDonald's was a long drive. You've "parked" with a date behind a barn, at your school, or near the river landing.

Growing up in a small town was not easy. I will be completely honest and admit that I could not wait to leave once I graduated. I knew my neighbors in my neighborhood and those who lived three neighborhoods away on a first name basis. The same people I went to school with were the same people I saw at the grocery store, sitting across the pews from me in church, and at the community ball park watching baseball or softball games. As the old cliche goes, "everybody knows everybody," which can be both good and bad at times. When I was younger, I had no intentions of ever going back to my small town of less than 2,000. Back then, I only wanted to get as far from my little town as possible. Leave it to me, I married a small town boy and could not be happier with my southern gentleman. I never knew that I would find my soul mate at fifteen but I certainly would not trade our small town love for anything these days. 

 I am blessed to have grown up in a safe, close knit environment even though times were difficult. Despite the gossip or limited opportunities, I am thankful for my roots. I am thankful for those who left footprints on my life. Going out to eat or gathering milk and eggs at the grocery store was always a social event turned into a helping hand experience. Whether striving for success when competing in the local Junior Miss program, State football championship, or SGA conventions, I learned what it meant to be respectful, honest, hard working, and how to live simply. Today, I apply these traits to my daily life. Now that I live the fast pace city life it is always pure joy go home for a quite weekend to visit family and friends. Driving through a sleepy southern town brings comfort and peace like non other. From seeing the dark sky full of stars, to hole in the wall restaurants, my hometown is truly relaxation and rejuvenation at its best. I will admit that the convenience of the city lights call me home after a few days away though. :) 

If you are adaptable and take easily to change, transitioning from the city life to small town life (or vice versa) may work well for you. While each have their pros and cons, there is nothing quite like the country life! Each can be a time of transition and experiences that range highly in culture shock. However, I do believe that you can live simply in the city with the same common attributes learned in the country. 

Thanks so much for taking the time to read today, friends! I have enjoyed writing about my small town USA and sharing life with you. I hope you will visit my little corner of blogsphere to say hello. I love meeting new bloggers, making new friends, and finding awesome blogs to read! 

As always, until next time- Happy Blogging!  


  1. How cute!! Love this post! I'm from a small town too! :)

  2. Thanks so much for reading!! I am now following your cute blog!