Friday, May 31, 2013

Graduation Season

Adam and I recently attended three different graduations and they were all for people who we love dearly.

The first graduation was for my sweet, college friend Hilary. Hilary and I met at the University of Mobile and have been friends ever since. I love, love her. Hilary and her husband live nearby and we love getting together with them whenever life allows. She blogs over at Gunns and Roses.

 Love you Hils!

A few hours after we watched Hilary receive her diploma we went to the Mitchell Center, at the University of South Alabama, to see our friend John graduate. Adam went to high school with John and he also goes to church with us at DWBC. He is known as the third member of our family and best friend. This past week, he moved away to do a summer internship and then will be going to seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. He already miss you John. 

The last graduate we watched, walk across the stage, was Adam's sister, Mary Beth. She graduated from Murphy High School. MB we LOVE you and pray that you seek God in finding the next step for you!

Our cute little high school graduate!

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