Sunday, January 26, 2014

Great Thankfulness

Yesterday, as JAT and I were getting ready to head out for the day, I had a moment of great thankfulness. Lately, we have been doing things, just the two of us. We are normally surrounded by friends or family on the weekends but lately it has just been us.

Now let's be honest, JAT and I love spending time together but we also enjoy the company of others. Yesterday was another Saturday where it was just going to be him and I on a little outing, as it was Friday night as well. Does it sound like I am griping? Maybe I am. JAT, nor I, said the obvious, that we both were thinking, .."we wish it weren't just the two of us".  (We want so badly to be able to do things with other couples, our age, or in the same stage of life but due to the craziness of that life it never seems to happen.) In that moment of discontent, as I was getting ready for another day with my sweet husband, I had a moment of what I call GREAT THANKFULNESS. 

I know, if it be the Lord's will for our life, that it won't always be just the two of us and those days will soon be quickly filled with sweet children. And with children comes parties, play dates, school events, church events and the list could go on forever. So today, as I was just getting ready for what seemed like JUST another day I stopped and thanked my God for this exact moment in our life. The days where it is just the two of us. I thanked Him for giving me a husband who loves Christ more than he loves me, and a husband who will do just about anything to put a smile on my face. I LOVE spending time with my husband and I am thankful for every moment we get to spend together. I wouldn't have it any other way. I will savor every moment of time with JAT. Instead of being aggravated or what JAT would call just plain ill (I will admit I get like that sometimes, ok maybe a lot) I am choosing great thankfulness.

PS: We had a fabulous weekend. Friday night we ate at one of our favorite spots downtown Mobile and then had our favorite coffee from Carpe.

Saturday we spent the day in one of my favorite little towns, Fairhope, Alabama. We grabbed lunch and more coffee while we were there. We also enjoyed going in all the unique shops the downtown area has to offer.

I pray your weekend was great.
Choose thankfulness. 

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