Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Week 3

We spent week 3 of 2014 celebrating Adam's Birthday. We celebrated hard. Almost a solid week of eating out with family. 
We started by eating at one of our favorites, Moes BBQ. We joined Adam's parents and extended family for dinner and had a blast.
Adam's absolute favorite thing in this world is a doughnut. 
Give him one and he is happy for a week. 
It only seemed right for his birthday cake to be a doughnut cake. 

Adam and I did a little piddling around on Tuesday, his actual birthday. We had dinner then went to Academy to pick out his birthday present! When you birthday falls during the week that is about as much celebrating you get in one night..5:30 comes too early the next morning. 

On Thursday, my mom and Yvonne came down to spend the night and take us to dinner at Ed's Seafood Shed, another one of our favorites. We love when they get to come town! 

I could not have picked a better way to start 2014.
Happy Birthday, Adam Tait.
I love you.
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