Thursday, January 30, 2014

Ice Day!

Living in Mobile, the only time you get weather days is to prepare for a hurricane. Not this time! We heard, Monday afternoon, that we would be out Tuesday and Wednesday due to cold weather and the snow, that we were expected to get. My mind first went to my school kiddos. We really couldn't afford being out two days, we have sooo much to learn, and then I really did not want to add these two days on to the end of school (June 3rd is late enough to get out for summer). Then, the Governor declared state of emergency and that let me know we would not have to make up the days, which ended up to be three. Adam was off work and school, too! 
I wanted to share some pictures of our Ice Days!

 We are praying for those families in Birmingham and Atlanta,
who experienced tragedy during this time. 
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